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Artificial Grass for Landscape

#Implementation of artificial grass flooring for various sports fields:

Artificial grass is your solution for a beautiful trouble-free lawn. It is rapidly becoming a “must have,” as so many people are realizing the advantages of switching to artificial grass. Artificial grass has an ultra-realistic looking, involves no mud, and no mess, no pesticides. It is efficient at solving problems associated with dogs, insects as well as all the labor-saving elements as it requires no cutting, watering, weeding or feeding, making it a very practical solution for landscape. We offer you a wide range of artificial grass for landscaping with different pile heights and density, guaranteeing best quality materials and longest lifetime in addition to very competitive prices

#1 Landscape Usage

Kids Areas and Play GardensIdea Sports provides a naturally safe, perfectly cushioned artificial grass loved by all children and reduces injury, always used in schools, nurseries and restaurants .

#2 Roofs

you can transform your Roof terrace into your own private secret garden or entertaining area.

#3 Around Pool areas

You can immediately give your pool area the ultimate makeover by transforming it into a softer landing, mud free option.

#4 Artificial Trees and Palms

They have much appeal as natural trees when featured in an indoor or an outdoor application for residential, commercial or community decorative purposes. They live long, easy to set up, come with different sizes, heights and designs, no watering or fertilizers required, no trimming leafs, or root damage. The appearance of artificial trees can add so much beauty, character and elegance to any location.

All Products have International Accreditation