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#Implementation of Padel tennis courts:

The padel tennis courts, the favorite of many athletes, we implement them according to the specifications of the International Federation and the International Federation of Professionals using completely imported materials from abroad or locally made materials. The company also provides all game requirements, tools, accessories, nets, lighting and fences.

Padel Systems:

#1 Court Dimensions

A padel court is rectangular in shape and measures 10 meters in width and 20 meters in length. The court is divided into two equal halves by a net.

#2 Glass Walls

The use of glass walls allows players to use the walls as part of the game strategy. The ball can be played off the walls, similar to squash, adding an extra dimension to the game.

#3 Playing Surface

The playing surface of a padel court is typically made of artificial grass or synthetic turf. It provides good traction and allows players to move quickly and make shots comfortably.

#4 Padel Equipment

Padel is played with solid racquets, similar to tennis racquets but smaller in size. The ball used is pressurized and similar to a tennis ball but with a lower bounce.

All Products have International Accreditation