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#Implementation of Squash:

A world-class squash court is a highlight when installed correctly. At Sportec, our distinguished team stands out with the experience of building squash courts and high-quality squash projects.

Squash Systems:

#1 Outlines

The court has outlines on the floor that indicate the boundaries of play. If the ball hits the outline, it is considered out of play.

#2 Squash Equipment

The squash court consists of (front and side walls - back walls - wooden/parquet floors). The court measures 9,750 mm in length by 6,40 mm in width, and the maximum height is 5,640 mm, and the place can be covered or not covered.

#3 Enclosure

Squash courts are enclosed by four walls. The front wall, where the players hit the ball, has a playing surface made of a hard material, while the side and back walls are typically made of plaster or concrete.

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