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Clay Courts

#Implementation of Ground tennis courts:

They are one of the types of tennis courts that the company professionally implements. They are made of multiple layers, including a thin layer of sand over a layer of limestone or stone, as well as a layer of soft red dirt. Clay tennis courts have the same dimensions as hardwood and grass tennis courts, with the court measuring 78 feet (23.77 m) long, and 27 feet (8.2 m) wide for singles matches and 36 feet (11 m) wide for doubles matches.

Padel Systems:

#1 Court Dimensions

The dimensions of a standard ground tennis court are 78 feet (23.77 meters) in length and 36 feet (10.97 meters) in width for singles matches, and 78 feet (23.77 meters) in length and 42 feet (12.8 meters) in width for doubles matches.

Ground tennis courts are surrounded by a low fence or boundary lines to define the playing area. Additional amenities may be present, such as seating areas for spectators, shade structures, lighting for evening matches, and scoreboard displays.

#2 Court types

Different types of ground tennis courts exist, including hard courts (asphalt or concrete) and clay courts (finely crushed stone or brick), each offering their own playing characteristics.

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