Design construction

Playgrounds and floors are implemented according to standard specifications .


All products are approved by the International Federation of Tennis and Basketball Players.


All designs are planned from all planning works and reviewed by daily maintenance .


All products are designed that are not harmful to the environment and animals and are resistant to weather conditions.

Expert & Professional

Always distinguished in all designs and products

High Quality Work

Our products conform to standard specifications and are suitable for changing weather conditions

24/7 Help Support

Always at your service and the goal is to always satisfy our customers

Welcome to Spor-Tech

We are One Step AHead

We are Spor-Tech One of the leading companies in Egypt specialized in the field of sports construction and Artificial flooring.

to be committed, credible and transparent with our customers to provide High quality products at competitive prices and take into account the specifications of the products in order to achieve the highest degree of success and continuity within the Egyptian market .

We are specialized in the field of sports construction and Artificial flooring.We seek to be a leading company in the field of sports constructions and Artificial flooring.This is done through a highly experienced team using the latest equipment necessary for implementation allowing us to accomplish the work

Sportec has a distinguished group of specialized employees policy is based on commitment, trust and credibility And transparency with customers, while providing the best products available at prices commensurate with Everyone is observing the standard specifications and the high quality of the products

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Artificial Grass for Sports Surfaces

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Artificial Grass for Landscape

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Rubber Flooring

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Synthetic Surfaces (Tartan)

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Padel Tennis Court

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Squash Court

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Pickelball Surfaces

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Padbol Court

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Sports Equipment

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Clay Courts

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