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#Implementation of Padbol:

It was created in the world in 2008. It first appeared in Argentina and from there it began to spread in several other countries. It combines elements of football - volleyball - tennis - padel. This sport is practiced using most of the body for execution: the feet, head, chest and legs, using a smaller ball. It is lighter in size than football, and the team consists of 4 players, and the rules of this sport are a mixture of padel, football, and volleyball. The game is very popular because it suits all ages and is suitable for athletes and ordinary people. Players also play it after retirement in order to maintain their physical fitness. It also stimulates memory and develops many skills among its players.

Ground Tennis Systems:

#1 Court and Dimensions

A Padbol court is usually the same size as a Padel tennis court, measuring 10 meters in width and 20 meters in length. The court is enclosed by walls on all sides, similar to a Padel tennis court, with a net dividing the playing area in half.

#2 Playing Surface

The playing surface of a Padbol court is typically made of artificial grass or synthetic turf, providing a suitable surface for both football and Padel tennis elements.

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